Thursday, November 4, 2010

Catch Up!

In my last post I explained that October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  My girlfriends and I became involved because our roommate Courtney is interning at Health and Wellness and was in charge of Breast Cancer Awareness Month so we teamed up with Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) to help the cause. Here is a recap of what happened for a week straight in October.

Halloween Dance to "scare off" breast cancer.  All proceeds went to American Cancer Society.  It was a lot of fun and my roommates and I dressed up like Crayola Crayons and our friend Linden was our crayon box.  We won best group costume of course ;)

Pink Rocks
Courtney came up with a great idea to get the whole campus really involved and aware.  She collected a bunch of rocks from around campus and painted them pink and had anyone come and write the name of anyone they know who has been affected by cancer and lined the main path through campus with the rocks.

Bra Tree!
Bras were donated from a bunch of girls on campus and they were used to hang in a tree that everyone passes of campus.  The tree was decorated in bright pink lights so it was hard to miss

Boys in Bras Fashion Show
A bunch of guys volunteered to wear bras that were donated and decorated from girls at our school and then parade them around our cafeteria while the majority of our student body ate dinner.  This was to raise awareness of breast cancer in men. It was hilarious and they did a great job :)

Pink Ribbon Banquet was the end of our Breast Cancer Awareness Week.  We celebrated survivors and those who passed at a banquet with special guest speaker, Pat Kepple, who is the President's wife and is battling breast cancer herself.  There were other speakers as well, including myself.  I spoke about an alumni from our college who passed away from breast cancer.  The choir sang and there was a candle light ceremony.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October=Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Fall is my favorite time of year, especially October, and this month is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  At school we are having a week dedicated to it with a "Boobie Bingo", Banquet Dinner, sports bra tie dying, a Boobie Tree and Dance all thanks to Colleges Against Cancer.  Last week was the Dig Pink Volleyball game that was a great success.  Spread the awareness :)